Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walking Time

Daddy love to take us for walks and runs. We love it so much, that we want to do it every day but Dady is sometimes too busy. We don't mind though as we get to run around the yard everyday too. We used to wear this harness but no more. We wear a chain now when we have our walks. Daddy took me for a run last light because he says I'm getting too fat. Bobbi & Sisqo wanted to come too but Daddy said tomorrow.


Hehehe..I don't call this swimming but after a long hot day playing outside, I was go for a dip here. but now I'm just too big. So instead I just into a drain. Dady gets so upset when i do this because I smell really bad afterwards..hehehee.. I'm so naughty but I cannot help it. I've got fur and it's hot sometimes. Grandpa saw me swimming sometimes and he thinks its so funny.


This is how we play. Rex always like to play bite me and I am all wet. Ewww..! But we enjoy this game. We still do this but Rex is much bigger than me now though.

Sisqo & stairs

Since I was small, I have always like to chill on this staircase. I would just rest my paws on the stairs and look around me. I feel good when i do this. This is when i start to plan my days, what to eat, what to play, whether to disturb Rex or not..hehehee. Till now I still do this although I'm so big now. I still rest here and plan my days here..lalalala..


This is how I sleep. I love to sleep on my back. Bobbi always like to next to me. We are very close. I still likw this though. Daddy thinks its funny.

Sisqo Puppy Days

Sisqo Pup
When I was a puppy, everyone says I have a very sad (kesian) puppy dog eyes.'s a charm, because everyone thought I was cute. When I was small, I was very quite, not like Bobbi and Rex. Both my brothers are water dogs. I'm not too happy to play with water. I don't even like to bathe. Daddy likes to give me a bath every 2 weeks. But I don't mind now because I smell nice afterwards. When I was a puppy, I always like to play with Rex. But when I'm older, Bobbi likes to play with me too. I learn fast too. After 1 week, I don't poo-poo in the house already. I'm a good boy.

Bobbi, my puppy days

I am the most naughty of them all. See even my baby picture show as if i'm a naughty boy,..hehehe budak nakal my daddy say. Being the eldest, I must show that I am responsible but I cannot help it. I just love to run around. Daddy gets crosst when I run out of the house and came back later. I used to play with this duster a lot but I think threw it away because it is so damaged and he doesn't want me to eat the stuff. Daddy is so nice to me. We are all very lucky.